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Why go to a track? Whether you ride a sportbike or a touring bike, the capabilities of the modern motorcycle usually exceed those of the rider. This is especially true of the beginner rider on a new sportbike. Not surprisingly, it is this group that is most likely to be involved in an accident. If you often feel hampered by the speed limits on your favorite road, or if you’ve ever had a close call that left you shaking, I highly recommend signing up for a riding class that takes place at a RACETRACK. Even if you’ve never had the desire to race, the racetrack is the only place to safely learn the limits of your motorcycle and yourself. 

Riding a motorcycle is easy - riding a motorcycle correctly is much harder, and requires practice. If you’ve taken the classes offered by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation, you know that they are limited in what they can teach you. While I highly recommend both the beginner and advanced MSF classes, I think everyone should follow them up with some track time. This will allow you to implement the riding tips they provide.Maybe the most important thing you will learn at the track is how to properly use your brakes. I rode street bikes for 12 years before I went on the track, and I was amazed to learn how much more braking power was available to me. Other important things you will learn are to look far ahead, how to countersteer, how to control your bike, and how not to panic...

Proper technique can save your life on the street and make you faster on the track. It's that simple.

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